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A social media marketing strategy is a critical component of the overall marketing plan for business. It is increasingly utilized to grow a business’ customer base and to publish fresh and interesting content that is favored by search engines.

Staying current on social media platforms and specifications can be difficult. It requires keeping abreast of the ever-changing requirements and restrictions of each platform. If there is not a dedicated person(s) managing the campaigns, it can easily be pushed lower in the list of priorities, which is a mistake.

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Larger businesses can afford to have staff specifically assigned to establish, monitor and manage their social media marketing plans. But it’s a challenge for small businesses because of limitations in the staff and knowledge required to sustain a successful social media presence.

According to B2C, social media marketing gets your content seen and substantially increases your exposure on the web. They refer to this as “top of mind”, or “brand awareness”. Promoting your content using various social media channels will increase your referrals from other sources.

So social media is a huge factor of a total online presence, but many small businesses struggle to allocate sufficient resources to maintain an effective and successful social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing Services

Philadelphia SEO for Growth can help! We have the resources and experience to establish a social media marketing strategy that gets results for your business. We will develop a social media campaign that complements your overall marketing strategy and the business goals and objectives.

Our Social Media Marketing services focus on:

  • Building your business’ brand awareness and trust
  • Gaining new, relevant followers
  • Building loyalty and advocacy
  • Keeping followers up to date about your business
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO)

There are certain social media platforms that take priority, because they quickly create a strong social presence. These include sites like:

  • Facebook reaches users across all demographics and easily relates to B2C as well as B2B businesses.
  • Twitter increases engagement and tweets are part of Google search results.
  • LinkedIn builds professional connections and works well with the other social media platforms.
  • Blogs are also crucial in the initial stages, because they offer fresh and interesting information pertaining to your service or product and are great for building trust and SEO.

Other social media platforms that are very useful are Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. We can include them into your marketing strategy, if desired.

Audience, Applause, and Amplification

If you need assistance in setting up the social media platforms, Philadelphia SEO for Growth can help. We can also optimize the sites to get the most from your profile.

Once the social media platforms are set up, Philadelphia SEO for Growth will maintain them by posting information that will be the most valuable to your business. Blog posts relevant to your business will be created and posted to social media. The goal is to generate shares, increase engagement and attract new followers.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth knows that we cannot be successful in implementing your social media marketing without your input. We will conduct regular meetings with you to review the performance of your platforms and to determine if it is meeting your current goals. Monthly reports will be generated and provided to you that show the performance of each site.

We offer several standard social media packages, or we can customize a package that will fit the specific needs and goals of your business. Contact us to discuss which option is best for you and how we can tailor it to fit your needs.

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