5 Important SEO Trends in 2018

At last count, Google’s ranking algorithm has over 200 factors, making it tough to get to or remain in the top search results. And to add fuel to the fire, the rules of the game are constantly changing.

Your brand needs help in staying ahead of the game, so we’ve developed a list of 5 of the most prominent SEO trends gaining momentum and how you can prepare for them in 2018.

1.    Voice Search

Voice search technology is improving at a rapid rate, changing the way we retrieve and communicate information. In fact, Google reports that at least 1 out of 5 searches are accomplished via voice queries. 2018 will only see an increase in this percentage because of the improved accuracy in digital assistants and the rise in smart home hubs.

To accommodate this rise in voice searches, your SEO strategy needs to change. Focus more on long-tail search keywords and use language syntax in your content that is more conversational. Creating well-structured content that is broken down into short sections can also help in answering more search queries at a time.

2.    Link Building

Links have been a strong way to improve SEO, but it will be increasingly important to seek out high quality links. Don’t add links just for the sake of having them; they must add value and build authority and trust in your brand.

That means that you need to concentrate on links to and from sites that are relevant to your business. And, just like most organic SEO strategies, link-building isn’t a one-time effort. Building quality links and relationships is a process that takes time and effort, but is well worth it in the long run.

3.    User Experience

Google’s goal is to provide its users with the best experience and search results, so focusing on your site visitors’ experience can go a long way in improving SEO. A good user experience increases engagement and reduces click-through rates, two factors that are used by search engines in SEO rankings.

Increased traffic doesn’t mean much if your site isn’t engaging the visitors or creating leads. Making improvements in your website’s speed, readability and navigation structure can help in this area. Analyzing your visitors’ browsing habits and page retention rate can also highlight areas for improvement.

4.    Mobile-First

For the past few years, creating websites that are designed to function well across multiple devices has been in the forefront. Whether accessed from a laptop, tablet or smart phone, your website needs to not only work, but work well.

It’s projected that 2018 will put mobile site access first, rather than as an afterthought. With well over half of searches initiating from a mobile device, it’s becoming increasingly important to make it a priority to ensure your site is optimized for mobile. Keywords rank differently on mobile than on a desktop computer, so mobile-first content is crucial to SEO.

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is one way that can help with optimization and site speed. AMPs are a set of protocols you can use to restructure your site, and make it easier to be loaded and viewed on a mobile device. They are designed to load mobile pages much faster, providing users with instantly available content.

5.    Visual Search

Visual search can take an image, as opposed to text, as its ‘query’. An example would be if you were looking for a dress with flowers printed on it. Instead of spending hours searching for a “floral dress” or a “flower dress,” a consumer can use an image of a dress she likes and instantly find where to purchase it — or others that are very similar.

To perform an accurate visual search, search engines require much more sophisticated processes than they do for traditional image search. Bing, Pinterest and Google have developed powerful visual search engines in order to capitalize on this new trend. Your SEO strategy should consider optimizing for visual searches as you go forward in 2018.

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