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At Philadelphia SEO for Growth, we do things a little differently when it comes to web design. Unlike many other web design companies, we start with keyword research, not with the design mock-ups.

web design
Here’s why. SEO is not an afterthought. It should be built into the design from the start. It’s not a “plug-in”. So to get a website that is optimized when it’s done, it must be reverse-engineered at the start. Before worrying about how it “looks”, you need to know what your potential and current customers are looking for when searching for your product or service and how they do it.

Of course, many people judge a business by their website, but if they never see it, how can they judge? That’s why we think starting with the strategy to get found is the best concept. Once that’s in place, making the site aesthetically appealing is the goal.

The process we use to design and develop a new website that will achieve high Google search rankings consists of 5 distinct steps, as described below. Our proprietary and proven SEO friendly web development process covers everything from Meta tags to Alt Tags, Schema, titles and more. We engineer our custom WordPress website to be Google friendly from the ground up. This process can take 6-8 weeks from concept to launch.

If you’re looking for a redesign of your current website, one way to start is by getting our free online SEO website report. The results of that report will set a baseline for us to determine the next steps to make your business achieve great search engine rankings.

1. Keyword Research

This is the first step in the website design process. We perform a thorough analysis of keywords and phrases that are most beneficial to getting your company in the top rankings. We compile the initial “root” SEO list and add medium and long tail keyword phrases as we progress to refine the list.

We will determine your growth goals and geographic areas as well. These factors are very important in the keywords and phrases used to boost your rankings.

2. Web Design

Following keyword research and finalization, we will determine the number and types of pages for your website. This step is also important to solicit your target customers.

The keywords and phrases determined to be best for SEO will be included in the web design in a way that is not “forced”. It will not be obvious to the casual viewer that they found your website because those keywords were just slapped onto a page. They will be embedded into page titles, meta tags and descriptions. When included in your web page copy, they will appear as a natural part of sentences and paragraph structure.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth expert web designers will incorporate calls to action and make sure your site is mobile friendly because smart phones are increasingly becoming the way many people search on to go.

If you have a design in mind, we can take your ideas or a sample website that you like and make it unique to you and your business. It’s important to remember, though, that your website should not just be a “digital brochure”. It is the center of all your online marketing, so it needs to be SEO-rich, generate leads, convert viewers to customers and contain great content.

3. WordPress Custom Development

Our expert team of WordPress developers can develop your website from scratch or customize an existing theme. Building your website will include WordPress and SEO plug-ins. We also offer AdWords and other pay-per-click plugins, as desired.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth has the unique expertise to combine search engine optimization into our WordPress development.

4. Great Content

The content on your website is critical. It needs to be useful, informative and interesting. It should be unique to your competitors, while still including the keywords and phrases that will get you found online.

This is a challenging requirement, but our expert team is experienced in combining these factors into a website that will get results. We will guide you in determining what content is best. We gather information from you like your old website content, marketing materials, competitors’ sites and anything else that is relevant. We “bake” the keywords that were gathered at the beginning of the process into content that viewers will read and convert browsers into buyers.

5. Content Marketing

Philadelphia SEO for Growth will develop a strategy that will keep your content fresh and loved by search engines. We offer promotional tools and features like blogs, newsletters, social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). We can help you use these tools and features in a way that will achieve success.

If you don’t have the resources or time, Philadelphia SEO for Growth can create some or all of this content for you. We can write your blogs, post on Social Media platforms, and create email campaigns.

We have the expertise in search engine optimization to make sure your business has the best online presence possible. Together with our internet marketing tools, we can produce unsurpassed results. Whether we assist you in implementing your strategy, or do some or all of it for you, you can count on Philadelphia SEO for Growth to help you succeed!

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