Why Google My Business?

It’s sometimes challenging for small businesses to figure out the best ways to improve their search rankings. What with all the directories and social media sites available, what are the most effective ways to get your name out there and get found?

One platform you should ALWAYS choose, especially if you cater to particular locations, is Google My Business. Face it; an overwhelming majority of people use Google for searching the web. GMB is a one-stop listing which allows your local business to appear on search results lists, maps and Google+.

GMB Benefits

Some additional benefits of setting up a Google My Business page for your local business:

  1. It’s free! Seriously, what’s better than that?
  2. Mobile-friendly. Customers can find you immediately, anytime, anywhere on any device.
  3. Far-reaching. Your business is listed on Google results, regardless of whether it originates from a search, map or Google+.
  4. You’re in charge of what’s out there. When you claim your GMB listing, you verify that the information is correct. Consistency of Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is very important to getting your business in the top ranks. And it’s easy to update if the information changes.
  5. You can specify multiple locations for your business, if applicable. The location closest to the search location origin will appear in the results.
  6. Reputation management. Because visitors to your GMB page have the capability of posting reviews, ratings or clicking the “plus one” button, you can build a loyal fan base and online reputation.
  7. Central location for your business data. GMB provides tools to highlight your product or service. You are able to add details about your business on your GMB page. It can include hours of operation, product lists, payment types accepted, photos, reviews and even coupons. This allows you the opportunity to provide more specific information to your target audience.
  8. You can gather data about your customers. You can run analytical reports from Google My Business to learn more about your customers. Your GMB page provides insight into visitor traffic statistics such as views, clicks and followers. Did you know that Google Maps can determine the location of the person requesting driving directions to your place of business? This can be helpful in focusing your ads to certain geographical areas, or even opening up a new location for your business.
  9. You can share your Google My Business posts globally.

GMB Page Optimization

Once you claim your GMB page, it needs to be optimized in order to provide the most ROI. Some areas to consider for optimization are:

  1. Ensure your business is viewed by Google as “real”. Google looks at how many times your NAP are found on the web. The easiest way to get cited or listed on the internet is to submit your business to local and national business directories.
  2. Your NAP must be consistent everywhere you are listed on the web. If it isn’t, Google gets confused and hence, your rankings will suffer.
  3. Your address and phone number must be on your website, exactly matching the NAP on GMB and other online listings.
  4. Embed a Google map and the Google on your website contact page. This assures Google that you are located at the address you have listed in your GMB listing.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth Can Help!

By now, you should be asking yourself the question, “Why do I NOT have a Google My Business page?” There really is no reason, except perhaps you just don’t have the time to set it up and maintain it as it should be.

At Philadelphia SEO for Growth, we have the tools and resources to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing so that your business is more visible to your target audience. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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