Why Use PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click or PPC Advertising, is a digital marketing method where businesses pay search engines to get in the top search results. It can be a great way to quickly get traffic to your site. Building an organic SEO campaign, where you “earn” visitors by beefing up your ability to get found and improve your ranking, can take some time, so the PPC option can be a good way to get started.

I’d like to share some advantages of a PPC marketing campaign.

1. First Page Exposure.

When you set up campaigns with the most popular search engines, you will show up in the top of the search results list for the keywords and phrases that you buy.

2. Provides Immediate Exposure to Your Website.

Within as little as an hour of your ad being posted, you will start getting clicks, resulting in guiding visitors to your website.

3. Consistent Traffic.

You can set the daily budget for your PPC campaign where it will bring a steady flow of traffic to your site that will grow day by day.

4. Targets Ideal Customers.

You can specify the keywords and phrases that are relevant to the types and quality of visitors and customers you are looking to attract.

5. Facilitates Testing and Changing Your Ads.

After running your PPC campaign for a period of time, you can review the reports that are generated for effectiveness. If the results are less than you want, you can easily change the parameters, like keywords, demographics, ad text and landing page.

6. Reaches Larger Audience.

Based on the parameters you set in your PPC ad campaign, you decide the types of visitors you want to attract. You can expand those parameters to reach more people.

7. Tracks Results.

The PPC ad campaign provides progress reporting that includes statistics like:

  • Effectiveness of keywords used
  • Success of reaching your target audience
  • Where your money is being spent

8. Allows Targeting Geographic Areas.

You can specify locations where your ad will appear, which is particularly helpful for local businesses. You can include and exclude specific cities, states, counties, etc., based on your desired areas of preference.

9. Allows Scheduling Ads.

As the owner of the ad campaign, you choose when your ads will appear. You can specify a span of time (e.g., 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday).

PPC Is an Important Factor in Digital Marketing

PPC ad campaigns are set up with specifics related to where your site ad appears and how much each click will cost you. Other forms of Search Engine Marketing, like organic SEO, can take time to be effective. You can also sometimes get lucky with PPC campaigns by finding great deals in keyword niches. If you find the right mix of phrases and long-tail keywords, you can get fast, effective, targeted traffic to your site at a less expensive price.

There are risks involved in PPC marketing, however. If you don’t set up your campaign correctly, or manage it poorly, you can spend a lot of money with little return. PPC costs can accelerate quickly by getting in a bidding war over certain keywords. This ego-based bidding, as well as the search engines themselves, who impose quality restrictions on some keywords, can inflate the prices.

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PPC advertising is a type of marketing that can definitely be beneficial for your company, especially if it is relatively new and/or you have a new website. It can generate customers very quickly, while you are building up your organic SEO that can take months to perfect.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth can help you create a PPC ad campaign that will work for you. We can also initiate your organic SEO campaign that will eventually take the place of your paid ads.

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